My Oberon, what visions have I seen!


Well, I still haven’t booked any more plays – although the Stratford 2015 season looks promising, and even Peckham is surprisingly getting in on the act  But my mind is still in a Shakespeare vibe, and the announcement of a black Iago has turned it down the fantasy casting route. The play I’ve seen most often (and probably love the best) is Much Ado About Nothing, so let’s start with Beatrice and Benedick. I actually really enjoyed the 2012 Tennant/Tate version, but I also loved Eve Best and Charles Edwards at the Globe, and Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker in the Whedon film. And then there’s the surprisingly effectively Shakespeare ReTold version with Damian Lewis and Sarah Parrish… And obviously Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson have to keep a special place in my heart as my first version, even if it does now just resemble a Tuscan holiday where they happened to do some filming.

Wow. I really have seen Much Ado rather a lot.

In my fantasy, I would love to see a young Alan Rickman as Benedick. Not just for the beauty of his voice, but because I believe he could have convincingly carried off Benedick’s growth and the heartbreaking scene where he resigns his commission. Looking to what might be possible without time travel, though, and trying to avoid picking Tom Hiddleston for everything, Oliver Chris is currently being rather fabulous in Bluestone 42

As for Beatrice, well, apparently Zoe Wanamaker has already been awesome. I like it played with a bit of vulnerability – a touch of Sally Bowles’ front – and while Liza Minnelli would certainly be unmistakeable in the role, I think I’ll opt for Kate Bracken – her role in Being Human had the same sort of vibe. She might need a few more years though…
I would come back and do some minor character casting, but it’ll probably just turn into a rant about Hero and Claudio. Not sure Sean Maher can be beaten as Don John though (and if he can, it certainly wasn’t by Keanu Reeves…)

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