Your Majesty shall mock me


The actual notes I made while watching Henry V go like this:

  • Tom whats-his-face from King Lear! He always sounds that drippy!
  • Tom Hiddleston riding. Does he do his own riding?
  • Are they going to colour-code this with French in blue and English in Red? Should make it easier to follow…
  • Masterful Tom Hiddleston.
  • Oh look it’s Anton Lesser!
  • Speechifying Tom Hiddleston.
  • The comedy bit with Katherine. Never quite got this.
  • Tom Hiddleston has an army of twelve. Never mind, the French only have about twenty.
  • Tom Hiddleston in velvet. Yay!
  • It’s over? No more Tom Hiddleston? Sadface.

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