I have brought him a present.


Well, we’ve passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but since there are still one or two shopping days left before Christmas, I thought I’d discuss options for the Shakespeare lover in your life…


If you (or they) are very rich, I recommend a look at the Folio Society. They have a series of beautiful limited edition letterpress volumes – complete with commentary – but perhaps only for the most dedicated of devotees. On the other hand, once you’ve started buying them that’s 38 years-worth of Christmas presents sorted!

I’ve mentioned them before – but if you want a cheaper version, the Oxford and Cambridge versions (school staples) usually come with very intelligent commentary, and the covers in recent years seem to be much more shelf-worthy than they used to be…

There’s also a lot of literature about Shakespeare. Let’s start with Shakespeare: The World as a Stage. Bill Bryson is, in my opinion, a great writer, and you can’t wrong with a great writer on a great writer. It’s writing-ception! I also like the look of 1599 – the story of one of Shakespeare’s (and England’s) most turbulent years, when he wrote Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It and Hamlet. For kiddywinks*, the classic is Charles and Mary Lamb’s “Tales from Shakespeare”.
Shakespeare things

The Literary Gift Company is in general brilliant. They have a specific Shakespeare section which is full of fun things. I particularly like the Romeo and Julienne chipping board, the Shakespeare drinking tie, and (of course) the Beatrice and Benedick happily ever after mug…

Etsy is of course a hive of lovely crafty things, usually based around fabulous quotes (my current favourite is “And, though she be but little, she is fierce.” There’s a motto to live by!).

Just for Fun

If you’re the Shakespeare-lover, and you’re trying to ease someone in gently/come out in an unthreatening manner, then you could try a bit of a mash-up. So far the world has been given Star Wars and Doctor Who – but I am sure others cannot be far behind.

And if all else fails, who wouldn’t love a rubber duck?

Feel free to add any ideas of your own below…

* or anyone else who wants to remind themselves of the stories with wading through the prithees…


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