He’s a present for any emperor


Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting breathlessly!* I’ve been far too busy playing with my Christmas presents, especially since Santa clearly reads this blog…

So this fella is sitting at the end of my bath, along (among others) with the Statue of Liberty and an Olympic rower.** And I’ve got a copy of Bill Bryson’s book to read in said bath too.

To quack or not to quack...

To quack or not to quack…

But I am most excited about my sticker book!



These never featured largely in my childhood, since my parents were much more of the open-ended play, couple-of-crayons-and-a bit-of-old-wallpaper idea of creativity*** So I’m totally geeking out about actually getting to put the stickers in the right place. And I won’t be taking it into the bath with me!







* Why yes that is my tongue in my cheek, thanks!

** Yes I collect rubber ducks. Don’t judge me. It’s nice to have company when you’re bathing.

***And obviously I’m grateful for it NOW…


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