I will presently pen down my dilemmas


Othello is, apparently, like buses. I am wondering how many times one can see the same play in a very short timespan!

I’ve booked to see it at the Rose Theatre, Bankside (the only remaining-ish Shakespearean theatre, about which more here) next week, the day before Valentine’s Day. Which will be great. I hope*.

But the theatre nearest where I live was also doing a run which ended tonight. I decided against I because the theatre company are apparently “fusing a taut adaptation of the classic text with its trademark hard-hitting choreography”, and since I haven’t seen Othello yet, I thought I’d rather see a straight-up version first, before I veer into the ballet mash-ups (and, oh God, opera. There’s a whole world of odd options I hadn’t thought of when I made the rules… ).

There’s also the RSC production this year – noteworthy for the fact it will have black Iago, as well as the rather wonderful High Quarshie as Othello. And obviously I do need to get some RSC productions under belt- it would be a very odd ten years if I didn’t get to Stratford!

I’m in two minds, though, because part of me would rather “save” Stratford for either something brand new, or something really exciting (and I have half an eye on the anniversary celebrations there are bound to be next year), and because right now, in the cold February wind, it feels too far to go for a play I will have already seen once this year.

So since I can’t make up my mind, I’m throwing it open to you, gentle readers. Should I do Othello twice, or leave Stratford for another play?

* I hope mainly because I am bringing a couple of friends with me, and although I have warned them I don’t think it’s really sunk in for any of us that the venue is sans both heating and toilets. So it’s got a couple of extra obstacles to overcome…


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