If I fought not with fifty of them, I am a bunch of radish


I just hit fifty posts – right about on target for doing two a week. Wow! Although I enjoy doing the reviews of plays (and one on Othello will follow shortly, I don’t want to get backed up…) I have also enjoyed exploring outwards into the world of Shakespeare.

I am a bunch of radishes!

I am a bunch of radishes!

The posts on play locations gave me an excuse to range across London*, and I have a whole host of other subjects I want to talk about – to list just a few, there’s:

  • food (there may be Warden Pie in my future),
  • adaptations (this may just be an excuse to watch 10 things I hate about you again. Or, I may not need an excuse to do that),
  • the amount of English phraseology which comes from him (my God, Othello reads like a list of clichés – except of course they weren’t clichés then, that was all original thought… The green eyed monster! Fight fire with fire! How did people even talk before Shakespeare?).

I also desperately need to get to Stratford – a place I dimly recall from a random teenage jaunt to see Ralph Fiennes do Chekhov** but would like to explore properly. And I’ve started to compile a Shakespearean counterpart to the Evil Overlord list – item number one is “She’s never dead the first time around”…***

And then there’s all the plays to come – this year alone there’s The Comedy of Errors, Much Ado About Nothing, King John, and Measure for Measure.I’m almost square-eyed just thinking about them!

So basically, what I am saying is: thank you for sticking with me, and you aren’t getting rid of me any time soon!


* And watch this space for some interesting follow-ups on that front. Teaser trailer: The Red Dragon…

** Probably best not to ask.

*** To be honest, some items in the Evil Overlord list just transfer straight across. Like no 17: When I employ people as advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice.


4 thoughts on “If I fought not with fifty of them, I am a bunch of radish

  1. Ooh, intriguing comment about Ralph Fiennes there, but as instructed, I won’t ask. Looking forward to what 2015 brings you. Shakespeare equivalent to the list is a great idea and you’re right- she’s never dead the first time round!


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