Keep a gamester from the dice


After my luck in the ballot for Coriolanus tickets last year – which kick-started this whole venture, I am trying my hand again at the ballot for £10 Hamlet tickets. And thanks to an overdeveloped sense of fair play, I am sharing this with you all while the ballot is still open and you can sign up yourselves – the link is here.*

In other news the Globe has announced its winter line-up for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – and finally (I think they got wind of my moaning) they are showing some Shakespeare. Namely Pericles, The Winter’s Tale, The Tempest and Cymbeline. Which raises an interesting question – which one do I go and see? I’d love to see what they do with the infamous bear in the Winter’s Tale, but I have already seen it once (and may see it again this year if I get my act together for the Kenneth Branagh production). Pericles isn’t in the first folio and only about half of it is believed to be by Shakespeare. The Tempest is a possibility, but one which is staged relatively often. Logic might dictate I go and see Cymbeline, the least frequently performed of the three full plays, but if I see it in the second year of my ten-year plan, how can I claim to desperately seeking it? I suppose I should take solace from Romeo and Juliet – after all “what’s in a name?” But I still might put off the decision a little longer…

* If I’m honest, it’s more like I’ve worked that the few of you aren’t going to materially alter my chances of getting a ticket. And I’m generally preternaturally lucky in raffles and ballots – as Coriolanus proved…

One thought on “Keep a gamester from the dice

  1. Good luck with the ballot. And the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse looks lovely – saw the TV screening of The Duchess of Malfi by candlelight performed there. So atmospheric, it felt like about the closest you’d get to experiencing Jacobian theatre.
    But yes, which to choose. You must be tempted by Cymbeline as it’s performed so rarely. Good luck with that – whichever you go for, you’ll want to have seen them all anyway!


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