His word is more than the miraculous harp.


I’ve been very quiet recently – I’ve just come back from the rather spectacular Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire. So I’m afraid this is a bit of a “what I did on my holidays” post.

Bjork was headlining, and the bands in the folk tent were awesome, but my favourite thing about the festival was that it was so much more for the non-muso. As well as the fabulous setting – and the weather this weekend was perfect for swimming amongst the waterlillies – there’s a whole host of other things going on.


There was a morning spent enjoying The National Theatre’s Treasure Island* – sadly I couldn’t stay for the ending which yes, I do know, but given the gender-swapped Jim Hawkins and resulting sexual tension with Arthur Darvill’s magnetic Long John Silver anything could have happened.**

Pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight!

There was the fiction tent, where I spent a lot of time and accidentally won the book quiz*** – twelve Picador classics – which I can’t wait to land on my doorstep, and discovered the genius which is the Bookshop Band. The Forum had incredibly engaging and brain-stretching talks about, for example, the combination of the internet and everyday objects such as record sleeves…****

Decorating tips in the Forum

Decorating tips in the Forum

In all of this fun, I am almost afraid to tell you I eschewed the promenading Twelfth Night production – not only was it far too hot to go traipsing around, but I felt two in a month would be slightly overkill!

I hope you all have equally exciting summer holidays, and may you all have access to bookshops in tents!

I am a little sad Jaffe and Neale is not my local bookshop.

I am a little sad Jaffe and Neale is not my local bookshop.

* Using a most suitable umbrella as a parasol.

** I’m now desperately searching the internet for a downloadable copy – or a viewing in London.

*** I mean, we knew we were taking part and trying to win, but we were hungover and half the questions were about the film of American Psycho.

**** And some very funny angry lesbian poetry


6 thoughts on “His word is more than the miraculous harp.

  1. Wow! Youre trip covered just about everything. Are we talking Arthur Darvill, ex Rory from Doctor Who, because he is lovely – I’m not sure I could’ve torn myself away 🙂
    We saw an outdoor production of Treasure Island at the Bristol Old Vic a few years ago – just fantastic. And the actor playing Silver – Tristan Sturrock – was terrifically charismatic, thoughI suppose if Silver’s not charismatic, then the production is in trouble.
    Love free books. I won a copy of Station Eleven a few weeks ago for writing a distopian short story and was ridiculously chuffed to have a free book for my endeavours 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, that Arthur Darvill. Yes, he was very charismatic. Yes it was a challenge to wrench myself away but there was so much going on! Alas the nearest viewings seem to be in South America…
      I hope you enjoy Station Eleven, I thought it was great.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm, a bit far to travel … Station Eleven is great so far – I’m about two thirds in. I like the fact it’s distopian 20 years after the worst has happened and the inevitable violence has died down. It’s interesting to imagine how society would rebuild


      • Yes, it’s very good at highlighting the randomness of survival – how being in the right place at the right time can make the difference between dying within two weeks or living another twenty years. I had to tear myself away from its pages this morning


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