He speaks at random VIII


It’s the usual mash up of the weird and wonderful!

First on my list – all the DWK vehicles used to do amphibious tours of London are named after Shakespearean characters, Mistress Quickly* was the one which caught fire a few years ago. And luckily none of them is called Ophelia (well I wouldn’t get on board) – although there is a Desdemona. So sweet was ne’er so fatal is not something I think I’d go for if I was a tourist…

Shakespeare is taking over the memes with these riffs on Straight Outta Compton If you need a cultural advisor on this one, I’m happy to tell you that to celebrate the release of N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, Dr Dre** set up a website for people to do their own hometown versions. And the public will subvert everything whenever they can. I wouldn’t mind the Heath Ledger one as a poster though.


And as if that wasn’t enough of a popular culture mash-up, for reasons best known to themselves*** the RSC has released an app which allows you to beat-box Shakespeare. So that’s a thing.

We will pass quickly over a certain London production still making waves thanks to its reordering of certain speeches, briefly trail another Macbeth – this one with the lovely Anna Maxwell Martin (I harbour my doubts that she might be too lovely to be Lady Macbeth since I saw her in King Lear, but wasn’t she fab in Bleak House?) and press on to the new theatre on the south bank of the Thames.  It isn’t at all likely to be putting on Shakespeare, but It’s rather nice to think of new theatre coming back to where it really started.

Finally a couple of titbits from Edinburgh – Shakespeare the ballet (with a female Bard) and Jane Austen’s guide to the fringe – not Shakespeare-related, just very funny!

* “She’s neither fish nor flesh” – how appropriate!

** One of the members of the aforesaid N.W.A., now best known for his headphones – at least by me.

*** Probably outreach. Or Diversity. Or some other weasel word.


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