Come too swiftly home


In a fit of – well, not midsummer madness, clearly – call it autumn folly, I have bought a lot of Shakespeare tickets and an accidental existential crisis.

As well as King Lear with Sheep* there’s As You Like it at the National Theatre. Should be an interesting contrast with King Lear there last year.

The there’s the RSC’s King and Country cycle – Richard II, Henry IV 1 and 2 and Henry V, with the same cast, over four days. It’s basically The Hollow Crown, only live and with David Tennant as Ben Wishaw**. I’m seeing it at the Barbican, but I really should try and get to Stratford in 2016 too.

And I’ve also booked two plays at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the indoor, candle-lit, counterpart to the Globe. And here’s the rub, because while one of them is Pericles*** the other one is Cymbeline. So, by the end of January I will no longer be Desperately Seeking Cymbeline, because I will have seen the thing.

My mother, a woman not otherwise given to grand deception, has been trying persuade me to see it on the sly, write it up, and the keep the review in a safe until the ten years are up****. I think it’s probably easier if I share my dilemma with you – I shall remain Desperately Seeking Cymbeline, but you shall all know that in fact, on the inside, I’m Desperately Seeking Troilus and Cressida, or maybe Desperately Seeking A Way Not To Have To See A Midsummer Night’s Dream…

In any case, all these jaunts mean that by the end of January 2016 I’ll have seen twenty Shakespeare plays since I started – a terrifying halfway through. It might be time to start thinking about the next grand gesture sooner than I thought!

* Can. Not. Wait.

** Other cast members may also vary.

*** Co-authored by Shakespeare, not in the First Folio, and therefore maybe counts half? Cracking plot though.

**** On the same lines as Agathe Christie, fearing death during the Blitz, apparently wrote the last Poirot novel and sent a copy to the USA for safekeeping. I have neither such fear for my life, nor such a following for my writing!


5 thoughts on “Come too swiftly home

  1. Oh my word, exciting times. Words cannot describe how excited I’d be to see David Tennant live in anything. In fact, I’ll shut up on the subject for fear of humiliating myself. What an amazing line up of theatricals you have in store – did I see in your link you’ll be seeing Anthony Sher too? Totally amazing. What a fantastic year you have lined up. But do remain ‘Cymbeline’ – the others just don’t have the same ring 🙂

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