Out out brief candle


I’m not going to write when every famous person I like dies, but I would like to take a few moments to mourn Alan Rickman.
He was an incredibly gifted and versatile actor – Hans Gruber, Colonel Brandon, the Voice of God (and if you haven’t seen Dogma I recommend it…).

I think the first film I saw him in was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, chewing the scenery, cancelling Christmas and generally stealing the entire film. Seriously. The DVD even sells itself on the basis of having “20 extra minutes of Alan Rickman”.

I fell in love with him (as you do) in Sense and Sensibility, where he so beautifully played Colonel Brandon as a warm heart under a painfully shy exterior. I longed to twist my ankle and be carried home by him (but feared I’d by rescued – not even by Greg Wise, but by Hugh Grant in a terribly ill-fitting coat).

I realised how immense his talent was in Galaxy Quest, and I’ll let him speak for himself in my favourite clip: https://youtu.be/uDJsCE01LYI.

There is a legitimate link to my blog. He was a Shakespearean actor, appearing in a season at the RSC as Jacques in As You Like It (I would love to see him do the “Seven Ages” speech) and Achilles in Troilus and Cressida (and how much hotter than Brad Pitt’s turn must that have been?) as well as a touring production of Hamlet and, some years later, Antony and Cleopatra opposite Helen Mirren.

So I’ll leave you with incredibly sexy voice, reading Sonnet 130.


2 thoughts on “Out out brief candle

  1. He was one of those actors who was good in everything he did – a marker of a production’s quality. Yes, brilliant in Galaxy Quest, brilliant in Robin Hood (one of the few things that saved the film from being utterly dire, in my opinion). A late bloomer, fame wise, but what a bloomer.
    Very sad.

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