Show me your image in some antique book


Just a quick. Stop press – in case you hadn’t heard – the Antiques Roadshow* has managed to unearth a stunning little manuscript, written in the 17th century, which includes quotes and some analysis on (as the title page has it) “Shakespeare’s Comedies and Tragedies”**.


There’s a bit about it on the BBC website here – to me the most charming parts are that the cover re-used some old music (very environmentally friendly!) and that at one point it veers off into scientific notes. It’s nice to know I follow in a long line of people who can’t keep to a single subject in a single book, no matter how small.

The thing is tiny and will presumably take some time to be wrung through the academic mangle, but it’s a wonderful thing. Estimated value*** only around £30,000 which seems like an absolute bargain to me!

* Yes, that is still a thing.

** No word on the histories. Maybe the dude didn’t like them.

*** I have to quote this, it’s the Antiques Roadshow, I’m pretty sure there’s a law.


4 thoughts on “Show me your image in some antique book

  1. This is all over my local news, as the owner is from Reading (only 20 miles away). I heard an radio interview with the owner who mentioned the fact that the book contains notes on the plays written during performances! Twelth Night was specifically mentioned.

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  2. And what else lies hidden in libraries and book collections? This is a truly remarkable find reminiscent of the discovery of the Thomas Traherne manuscripts on a London bookstall. Alas such bookstalls no longer exist – I guess car boot sales are the new happy hunting ground.

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