When from the first to last


Hello everyone!

I am interested in your perspective and preferences: do you like to see a play at the beginning of a run, somewhere in the middle or at the end?

I’m not talking about the “landmarks” of First and Last Nights here (I haven’t done a premiere myself, and my one Last Night was accidental). Just the ordinary, run-of-the-mill nights in between. What do you prefer?
To me these days, the start of a run seems a little riskier in terms of quality (I’ve been to at least one production that seemed under-rehearsed) – and I am always worried about getting caught out watching a “preview” which may be actually unfinished but is inexplicably still full price. And I worry, old-school, that actors may be too tired by the end of a run to be at their best. Although goodness knows I have been to enough West End shows that have run for ages to know good casts can keep up their energy. After all, they often do two shows a day (and sometimes even at midnight). So I try to be a middle-of-the-roader – but judging by when most seats are available, there’s a lot more early adopters out there!
Where do you stand? Have you ever managed First or Last Nights? Beginning, middle or end? Or are you one of those rare beasts who has the time (and the budget) to see the same production more than once?

2 thoughts on “When from the first to last

  1. Westville13

    Surely the best thing is to see a production before its West End transfer? Girl From the North Country at the Old Vic was a wonderful production and gave real bragging rights…….


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