Beware the ides of March.


I hope you have a better day than poor old Caesar did! I took the opportunity, when recently in Rome, to wander round his stomping ground – the Forum, the actual Rostrum where Mark Anthony made his famous speech (sadly sans ships’ prows), some of the earliest Republican temples in the city. And I’ve thrown in a contemporaneous portrait of the man himself…


2 thoughts on “Beware the ides of March.

    • The short answer is… I don’t know!

      The long answer is… maybe? He certainly would have known snow when fighting in Gaul and Britain. But the climate in the Mediterranean was changing at the time, from very cold winters to milder but wetter weather. The Tiber last froze over (that we know of ) in 177BC – 77 years before he was born. In 5AD, it flooded for 5 days, 50 years after he was assassinated. It seems reasonable to assume there would have been at least the occasional snowfall between the two…

      I don’t know about Caesar, but I felt very lucky to see it myself!


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