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Just a quick heads up that I plan to watch and live-tweet the 2014 film Anarchy, also known (to me at least) as the biker Cymbeline. It seems like a fitting way to spend some of those crazy hours between Christmas and the New Year!

If you want to join me, I’m on Twitter at seek_cymbeline. I plan to start at 2.00 pm UK time. There will probably be snark, and maybe drinking (it is Christmas after all!) and undoubtedly some appreciation for Shakespeare and for anyone who chooses to tackle his more bonkers plays…


Well I must say I enjoyed the tweeting – a lot – and if you want to see the whole thread it should be here

I also enjoyed the film, which I thought made some interesting choices (and I don’t just mean the large number of shirtless/trouserless scenes), but ultimately fell down a little in underplaying the acting (especially Ed Harris’s preternaturally calm Cymbeline) and overplaying the violence (you don’t want to know what they did with a golf club).

And I might be tempted to do the whole thing again, if I can find another adaptation that deserves the treatment! I got the Ken and Em Much Ado for Christmas but I’m not convinced it’s quite the same – but if I manage to get my hands on the 30s-style Love’s Labours’ Lost I am up for it – or if you have any suggestions of your own, do let me know!

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