A plague upon you all


Strange time, people, strange times.


I owe you all two reviews – one of &Juliet and one of Upstart Crow, both of which I saw earlier this year, back when going to theatre was still a thing (remember that?). But then things happened, and things happened, and a few more things happened, and here we are – I almost don’t want to write them in case they turn out to be the last actual theatre shows I review.

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It’s called *the* Scottish play, because there are no others…


The Penny Dreadfuls’ alternative history of Macbeth (broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday 13th December) is absolutely hilarious – it’s more about righting the wrongs of Shakespeare’s idiosyncratic history (and how everyone thinks it’s accurate!) than about being a direct parody, but the porter, and a witch, do make appearances. And, mainly, it’s brilliant. My favourite line is:

“I love a wedding. Everyone looks smart and a woman gets traded. It so romantic.”

I think this link will work worldwide, the BBC are pretty generous like that…