For he himself is subject to his birth


Happy possibly birthday William Shakespeare!

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King John


Wow wow wow. ThIs performance really blew me away. The Globe put together this production in conjunction with a theatre in Northampton  (Royal & Derngate) to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, even though the play has astonishingly little to do with that aspect of King John’s reign. So it used what I am coming to see as the distinctive Globe feel to it – traditional costuming, great use of music, and colour-blind casting.


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To tell this tale of mine


Hello everyone. Apologies for the long delay – real life has rather overtaken me at the moment! Normal service should be resumed towards the end of the month – and in the meantime, I owe you all a review of King John, which I saw last weekend.

In the short term, let’s talk about this random book I found in Waterstones…

The tag line reads "We know how it ended - but how did it begin?"

The tag line reads “We know how it ended – but how did it begin?”

I am not going to talk about how good it is because I haven’t read it yet (that blasted real life again) but I am intrigued by its very existence. I have certainly encountered prequels and sequels before – Bond seems to have had a very good run recently, what with the Young Bond novels and the astonishing number of so-called “serious” novelists who have taken on the mantle, and look at the infinite slew of Sherlock Holmes stories – but never for Shakespeare. If this is a whole genre I am missing, let me know at once!

The book isn’t in iambic pentameter, but then neither is most of the play. Somewhat more impressively, out of a few lines of dialogue the author has managed to tell a tale which apparently takes in the Armada and Verona, as well as Messina. I look forward to telling you if it’s any good…