Drunkenness is his best virtue

In fact, the closest I got to champagne was pink prosecco...

In fact, the closest I got to champagne was pink prosecco…

Well, it’s Christmas and I had a bit of a heavy week last week. Turns out I can’t do four nights on the trot with a heavy cold. Not that I ever thought I could, it was kind of unavoidable, but now I have definite proof…

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It’s called *the* Scottish play, because there are no others…


The Penny Dreadfuls’ alternative history of Macbeth (broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday 13th December) is absolutely hilarious – it’s more about righting the wrongs of Shakespeare’s idiosyncratic history (and how everyone thinks it’s accurate!) than about being a direct parody, but the porter, and a witch, do make appearances. And, mainly, it’s brilliant. My favourite line is:

“I love a wedding. Everyone looks smart and a woman gets traded. It so romantic.”

I think this link will work worldwide, the BBC are pretty generous like that…

The Winter’s Tale


12th December 2014

Another unusual venue, this one – The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, which is situated above a pub in Kentish Town. And when I say above a pub I means this very literally – when the show’s about to start, a bell rings, a door in the wall of the pub opens, and the audience goes up to a space above the main bar.* As you might therefore expect, this means it is a very intimate space – more a studio than a grand theatre, and with little in the way of set (but a seemingly pretty fancy light rig).

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He speaks at random III – Like a true drunkard


I am very frustrated because there’s a Shakespeare production I really really want to see but I can’t make it! The Speigeltent in Victoria Park is hosting Sh*t-faced Shakespeare – a show where a professional troupe put on a Shakespeare play – with the twist that one of the actors really, genuinely, gets drunk on stage. (Apparently they pick the cast member at random each night, and hopefully thereby prevent permanent liver damage…)

They are doing Two Gentlemen of Verona (going back to the beginning!) and I’d love to go. I’ll just have to wait til they put it on sometime I can make it, and in the meantime just leave this link lying about somewhere in case anyone else wants to pick it up…