To sing happiness


I went back to Wilderness this year and again spent a happy hour listening to the Bookshop Band. Since coming home I’ve spent additional happy hours listening to their albums and noodling around their website – and now I’ve found their Shakespeare archive I’m even happier.

I’m going to advise you all to check out their songs (no matter what books you’re into, you’ll find something you like), buy their albums, and listen to this awesome song based on Richard II…


It was builded far from accident


Remember me talking to you about Shakespeare’s early theatres, including the Curtain? Remember this building with this plaque on the wall?


Well, right at the moment both building and plaque have been replaced by a (thanks to London’s inexorable rise upwards as it builds on itself) deep hole, and what is at the bottom of that hole (apart from pipes, concrete and the surprisingly high water table) is archaeology.

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