The very mould and frame


A recent Guardian article on Aardman Animations revealed they had apparently produced a short film about Shakespeare – which was a startling revelation to me as a Shakespeare and an Aardman fan. How had I missed it?!?

A very little googling turned up a version on YouTube and it is a delight – an almost wordless canter through all of the plays with the charm of Aardman and the trappings of traditional Shakespearean productions (the music is a delight). I’m a bit of a quiz nerd and I absolutely loved trying to work out which play was which from the tiny fragments we see. I think I identified Much Ado About Nothing – but it’s much harder to spot than, say Julius Caesar or Titus Andronicus! And I haven’t gone through with a checklist and the pause button to see if they are all included – I’m far too busy marvelling at the skill (both craft and intellectual) that has gone into it.

The youtube link is here – do let me know what your favourite bit is. Lord what fools these mortals be indeed!

Beware the ides of March.


I hope you have a better day than poor old Caesar did! I took the opportunity, when recently in Rome, to wander round his stomping ground – the Forum, the actual Rostrum where Mark Anthony made his famous speech (sadly sans ships’ prows), some of the earliest Republican temples in the city. And I’ve thrown in a contemporaneous portrait of the man himself…

He speaks at random V


The release date for Bill (see previous post) has been pushed back to August, so I’m having to wait with bated breath a little longer for some comedy biopic Shakespearean stylings. In the meantime I am making do with Horrible Histories, a guilty pleasure. In case you haven’t encountered it, please enjoy my favourite song – the RAF pilots. What’s that, you say? It’s not Shakespeare related? OK, have the Cleopatra one instead…

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