He speaks at random V


The release date for Bill (see previous post) has been pushed back to August, so I’m having to wait with bated breath a little longer for some comedy biopic Shakespearean stylings. In the meantime I am making do with Horrible Histories, a guilty pleasure. In case you haven’t encountered it, please enjoy my favourite song – the RAF pilots. What’s that, you say? It’s not Shakespeare related? OK, have the Cleopatra one instead…

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But things removed that hidden in thee lie


I’m currently in the process of moving laptops – a fraught business which leaves me with a dread of losing all my photos (and I’ve had a digital camera for more than ten years, so that’s a lot of photos) and temporarily unable to properly access all my notes. Hopefully normally service will be resumed by the weekend, and I can tell you all about my trip to the Folger Library in Washington (spoiler alert: I didn’t steal one of their 82 First Folios…)