I have a history of coming up with slightly pathetic New Year’s Resolutions. “Drink in moderation.” “End the year richer than I started it.” That sort of thing. But in January 2014 my grandmother died at the age of 93, having lived an astonishingly full life, and I realised I wanted to do a bit more, push myself a bit harder.

So I picked a slightly odd goal. My grandmother was a lover of English literature – she did her first degree in the subject while working full-time and being an ARP warden in London (I did mention it was an astonishingly full life). It seemed fitting that whatever I chose to do should reflect her interest. She also didn’t really believe in being frivolous – her idea of fun was to pick up a qualification in medieval Spanish while in her eighties. Shakespeare seemed to me to be a good idea – educational, hopefully enjoyable, and an area where my own inclination towards sciences had left some gaps in my education.

Thus the Ten Year Shakespeare New Year Resolution was formed – a long-ish term project to see all of Shakespeare’s 38 plays, performed on stage. A friend suggested I blog about it and here we are. And since a blog with an average of four posts a year would be a little dull (and also everyone has decided I must now be Shakespeare-obsessed and sends me random things from the internet) it has grown somewhat into a Shakespeare miscellany – quotes, history, fantasy casting, whatever takes my fancy.

You’ll still find a core of reviews – helpfully tagged – but have a look around and you may find something else to amuse you!


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