He speaks at random IX


Just one or two quite exciting things to make sure you’re in the loop about…

Spymonkey’s Complete Deaths is now available for viewing here… I’ve just seen they have a card game too – that might be one for the Christmas list!

Tom Hiddleston (he of Coriolanus fame – and yes, quite a lot of other fame too) is going to be doing Hamlet in September, directed by Kenneth Branagh. It’s a ballot entry and you still have time to throw your hat in the ring here.  It closes on Sunday, though, so don’t delay!

In case you missed it, The Globe has announced its new Artistic Director – Michelle Terry. I don’t think I’ve managed to catch her yet in anything, but I did see some of the Complete Walk films she directed and King John in particular was excellent.

And to round off with a couple of fun things – York is apparently planning a pop-up playhouse and visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon have a higher opinion of Star Wars scripts than most…


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